All Hail the San Francisco Fashion Bloggers!

One of the (very few) benefits to the repeated rounds of buyouts and full-time layoffs at the San Francisco Chronicle is that the paper now counts on a larger quotient of freelance contributions. With that comes a sometimes fresher, street-level perspective, as demonstrated by Ellen Lee’s look at four locally based fashion bloggers.

The Internet content revolution has generated all kinds of rookie opportunities to go along with the traditional media dead ends. To wit, check out what happened when college grad Ashley Gustafson (pictured) launched Fashionably Ashley:

Gustafson started her blog in February 2010 as a way to market herself after she moved to the Bay Area in search of a job. Writing about fashion came naturally. The blog worked – she soon landed a position developing promotions for an online wireless company in San Francisco.

Gustafson plans to team up with seven local fashion bloggers to form Digitally Chic, which will focus on San Francisco fashion and technology…

All in the space of a year. The other bloggers profiled by Lee are Adele McElveen (The Fashionista Lab), Jennifer Margolin (Red Sole Diary), and Aimee Jenny Song (Song of Style). Fun piece.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.