Fashion Labels Are Going Snap Happy On Instagram, Trying Desperately To Stand Out

So. Many. Instagram. Photos.

@kendalljenner catching some side eye @chanelofficial #pfw

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With its focus on up-to-the-minute images, Instagram has become the social network of choice for the fashion industry. But just like the friend who posts the play-by-play of every minute of every day from Starbucks coffee to lights out, there are some design labels who are taking their IG enthusiasm too far.

Quartz highlights a few of the spectacles from the recent international fashion shows, from Chanel’s supermarket fashion spectacular to Zoolander on the Valentino catwalk to dogs on the runway of the hot new label Hood by Air, every label is creating a spectacle worthy of an Instagram snapshot.

“These photogenic, shareable, ‘Instagrammable’ moments are now essential for designers seeking global publicity. Our first impressions of a fashion collection no longer come through the pages of a newspaper or magazine or the windows of a store, but through our phones. Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen designers grow savvier when it comes to creating—and controlling—those moments,” the article says.

More often than not, it’s the show itself rather than the clothes that get tongues wagging. Quartz notes that labels are: hiring models like Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne who have tons of IG followers, showing backstage moments, and (the tried and true) filling the front row with celebrities.

Social media attention is indeed critical. But most PRs will agree that “cutting through the clutter” and “rising above the white noise” is just as critical. If everyone is getting too snap happy, you run the risk of creating just a series of images online, none more outstanding than the other.

For magazines and more traditional outlets, this could actually be a positive. While everyone else is drowning in random fashion photos on their feed, it becomes the job of a determined editor somewhere to sift through it all for the most important images – the key trends and the gasp-worthy pieces – to highlight for overwhelmed readers.

Fashion labels might want to be a little more selective about their fashion events so they don’t overshadow themselves and drive fashion watchers back into the calm and organized arms of traditional media and critics.