Fashion Facebook Fun

First it was politics, then it was sports, now Facebook is teaming up to try and get some market shares in the fashion world. The boys, and girls, over at Facebook have partnered with to create a “How Fashionable Are You?” competition.

The competition is simple go to the London Fashion Show group, upload an image of you in the must have fashion of the season (leopard skin tights anyone) and see if you win. The winner gets a VIP trip to the London Fashion Show and I am sure a ton of free swag.

The thing that sparked my interest, no the fashion I wear the same from 10 years ago, was the partnership. Facebook is making a habit of partnering with companies that can expand its demographic and increase its market share. I enjoy seeing Facebook take an active role in finding new users for its service.

I think a good deal of start ups can take a page from Facebook. Instead of waiting for more users to discover Facebook, the Facebook team is finding new ways to incorporate users bases from other services. I would be interested in seeing if Facebook could make a go at the Nascar crowd and the Soccer (football) crowd.

I can just see teams of market researchers at Facebook pouring over marketing data from around the globe trying to figure out new ways to hunt down users. No matter what Facebook plans to do next you can be assured it will be a partnership with a product or service that has an undeserved user base in the Facebook world.

What would you like to see Facebook partner with next? What other venues or services do you think could benefit from partnering with Facebook? Let me know.