Fashion Designer Nathan McCarthy Embraces DIY

(James Hamilton).jpgTired of clothes that are designed to be worn a certain way? Feeling boxed in by shirts with a distinct front and back? Eager to tweak your newly purchased cashmere sweater with the help of a steady hand and your “good scissors”? Fashion designer Nathan McCarthy, age 24 and pictured at left, has just the garments for you and your anti-hierarchical, DIY sartorial weltanschauung (or you know, whatever you want to call it). “My whole thing is that I’m not into imposing styles on what I do, so it’s like, if you want to belt it, belt it. If you don’t want to, you want to wear it like a big t-shirt, I don’t care,” he told The New York Observer‘s Hilary Frey. “You can not wear pants, it’s fine. If you’re cool with it, I am.” McCarthy’s Yohji Yamamoto-esque mini-collection of washed silk and cashmere dresses-cum-tops-cum-sweaters is now available at New York’s Castor & Pollux boutique. The garments aren’t yet available online, but we suspect they soon will be: they’re one size fits all.