Fashion Design Like You Give a Damn!


If you’re anything like this writer, your version of dressing up to go out is to actually iron something for a change, then to cover the lousy job you’ve done of it with a nice jacket. So there’s likely no confusing him, nor you if you follow suit, for a person who knows anything about fashion design. But, if that’s your thing, getting dressed up so that people think you actually belong outdoors, you’ll find this story interesting from the National Post: “Dressing Like a Real Designer.” Writer Amy Verner went out and interviewed real live fashion designers about how they do it, which, in turn, is supposed to give you an idea of how you can pull it off. It’s pretty interesting, although, personally, we enjoyed it because you think, from start to finish, “All these suggestions are terrific, but who in the hell has twenty pairs of $400 jeans besides real live fashion designers?!?”