Fashion Bloggers’ Favorite Topic: What Should the Jennifers Wear to the Oscars?

9014.jpg We’re talking Jennifer Aniston, Garner or Lopez. Take your pick. They’re all likely to show up on the red carpet. Let’s just hope Aniston doesn’t bump into her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Anyhow. Back to the topic of conversation for many fashion bloggers, including Erin McKean (who by the way, writes specifically about dresses, not makeup, shoes or hair, but dresses everyday in just about every way on her blog). She and some of her readers think the Jennifer who’s married to Ben Affleck would look good in this gown. And the other Jennifer, who calls Marc Anthony husband, would look smashing in this.
This writer agrees on both counts. Nobody has figured out what the happily single Jennifer should wear just yet. But we had to ask Erin what she would wear to the Academy Awards. Erin, a lexicographer by profession, would sew (yes!) the dress on the right side of the above pattern. Here what she says:

“The whole question, I believe, is whether you try to wear something
unbelievably becoming (“bride” thinking) or whether you wear something very photogenic (“stunt” thinking). Of course I’d do it in a heavy silk (not satin) in an unusual color, like a bright green.
“Bride” thinking, of course, is also dependent on losing 20 pounds
and wearing the kind of undergarments that actually shrink your internal organs. For a stunt dress, I’d use the same kind of pattern, but I’d make fabric that was a design of little Oscar statuettes. 🙂 I might get sued by the Academy, but I’d also get in every photo spread!”