7 Fascinating Twitter Accounts To Follow

7 Fascinating Twitter Accounts To Follow

Your experience on Twitter is hugely impacted by who you’re following.

As Shea suggests in his 10-part Newcomers Guide to Twitter, it’s best to evaluate and prune your Twitter network on a weekly basis so you’re constantly enthused by the tweets you read in your feed.

But sometimes it’s a challenge to unearth interesting new Twitter accounts to follow that add something substantive to your daily data diet.

Here’s a list of 7 fascinating Twitter accounts to consider following to juice up your Twitter feed:

1. @AstroRM: Astronaut Rick Mastracchio is currently aboard the ISS, and his tweets from outer space are mind-boggling. For those who thought their from-lightyears-away Twitter entertainment had ended with Chris Hadfield’s return home, think again. Here are 7 other astronauts to follow on Twitter if you need a further fix.

2. @theretronaut: “See the past like you wouldn’t believe” with the Twitter account for this site which collects spell-binding historical image in time capsules by era. It’s a great visual turbo-charge for your Twitter feed.

3. @GuyKawasaki: Silicon Valley author, investor and business advisor Guy Kawasaki is a must-follow on Twitter. He’s a prolific Twitter, and shares everything from interesting infographics and fun facts – 20 words we wouldn’t have without Shakespeare; Four ways to stave off running injuries – to business and social media tips.

4. @History_Pics: ClassicPics posts images of “the good and bad, fun and sad moments from bygone times.” Recent tweeted photos include Babe Ruth hugging Lou Gehrig after his farewell speech at Yankee Stadium in 1939, and 1 1949 snap of when L.A.’s famous Hollywood sign said ‘Hollywoodland.’

5. @ariannahuff: Follow Huffington Post president and CEO Arianna Huffington for a carefully curated feed of articles from HuffPo plus other funny and interesting musings.

6. @tiffanyshlain: The Webby Awards founder and filmmaker shares a selection of thought-provoking articles, plus the inside scoop on her latest projects.

7. @joelgascoigne: Founder/CEO of Buffer Joel Gascoigne tweets, via Buffer of course, great reads on everything from startup culture to work and creativity inspiration.

Who would you add to this list?

(Twitter key image via TheNextWeb.)