Based On Fans, FarmVille Now More Popular Than Michael Jackson

While Michael Jackson continues to reign as the most popular person on Facebook, FarmVille now has the largest fan base on the site. While the application was already the largest Facebook Platform application with almost 74 million monthly active users, it only recently surpassed Michael Jackson as the largest Page on Facebook with over 11 million fans. It’s not exactly a surprising metric considering the massive promotional vehicle the company has.

In comparison to other applications though, FarmVille has a relatively high ratio of fans to active users. This is not by accident. As Facebook prepares to deprecate their notifications developers have been focused on driving users to other promotional channels. Over the past month there has been an increased focus on getting users to bookmark applications in addition to becoming fans.

While feed stories don’t typically reach a large percentage of fans, FarmVille only needs to reach a fraction of active users to have a large impact. The company’s new FarmVille podcast obtained over 220,000 views, which is incredible considering it was only posted via the application’s fan Page. Whether you are a celebrity, popular brand, or a large application, Facebook Pages are a great way to engage your fans, customers, or users.

Zynga has been focused on engaging their application users in multiple ways, something many other application developers fail to successfully execute.