Farmville Helps Bing's Facebook Page Gain Tons of Fans in a Day

Funny how Internet giants could affect each not only in the negative way but positive as well. Take the case of Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine and its Facebook fan page. After running an ad campaign offer within Farmville, the most popular game in Facebook, Bing’s Fan Page was able to gain around 400,000 new fans from Monday’s 100,000 fans. The trick? – the ad campaign offers 3 Farm Cash to anyone who will become a fan of Bing’s Facebook page. Farm Cash, in case you’re not aware is Farmville’s virtual currency.

Now, you might ask what’s the big deal in having tons of fans in a Facebook page? Well, if you’re a Facebook Fan Page administrator, that means a lot. It’s the sole reason why you are working as a Fan Page administrator – to promote the brand that you are campaigning and get as much followers as you can.

Here’s the more interesting part. According to published data, Farmville has around 84.1 million monthly active users. And last Tuesday alone, active users were around 28.7 million. This means that those who became fans of Bing’s Facebook Page were just a minute part of the total Famville users. Can you just imagine how positive its effect to Bing would be if more of those users sign up to become Bing’s fans?

What’s good about Bing’s ad campaign is that it is not senseless after all. In fact, Bing’s ad campaign is promoting how Bing could help Farmville players with some of the “pressing” issues they encounter on Farmville. And that is by searching for answers to those issues using Bing search.

If the number of new fans who signed up in one day is not enough indication that Bing’s ad campaign is not working well for it, how about if we tell you that majority of those who’ve seen the ad campaign actually love it because of the Farm Cash?

Hopefully, as Bing’s Facebook Page fans grows bigger, those fans would actually take some time off to try using Bing if they are still using Google or Yahoo. Bottomline is, the number of fans will be useless if those fans will not use Bing after all.

But still, Bing’s awareness campaign through the Farmville-related ad campaign is pretty clever. Something that others may try to emulate in the coming days. So, expect more of those ad campaigns showing up as you play Farmville.