FarmVille Gifting App Number One on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Games

The top 20 emerging games this week look to be made up mostly of classically defined games.

In first, however, is FarmVille add-on and gift creator, FarmVille Gift Sender, which breaks the trend and tops its first week out with 505,000 monthly active players. However, due to its intellectual property issues, we expect it won’t be around for too long, at least in its current form.

The emerging list is compiled using AppData and for the week ending January 7th. It shows titles that haven’t yet reached 1 million players, but are quickly gaining more monthly active users (MAU). This is a way to spot big apps before they get big.

Garden World, by Tall Tree Games, is back near the top of this list apparently due to its recent addition of neighbors/friends’ gardens being visible. While we’ve been tracking it since September of 2008, it has grown by nearly 99 percent over the past week to reach 439,000 MAU. It has the highest percentage gain of any title on the top 20.

Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009! has the most fortunate title of any Facebook app even if it is self-described. The game rose 44 percent this week, around 70,000 more than last week when it ranked in first place. However, even higher gains couldn’t fight the monolith that is FarmVille… Gift Sender.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. FarmVille Gift Sender 504,499 +455,155 +90.22
2. Garden World 438,570 +433,115 +98.76
3. Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009! 460,090 +202,415 +43.99
4. My Town 320,996 +176,592 +55.01
5. Bite Me 510,929 +124,920 +24.45
6. 歡樂癲地 Funland 587,289 +94,413 +16.08
7. Warstorm 313,678 +92,698 +29.55
8. 傾城 Online 166,927 +89,381 +53.54
9. COLLAPSE! 839,342 +79,828 +9.51
10. Nindou International 312,612 +76,209 +24.38
11. Doorbell 811,198 +72,372 +8.92
12. Friend Block 862,149 +58,860 +6.83
13. Ninja Warz 612,074 +51,184 +8.36
14. Dogbook 852,493 +50,058 +5.87
15. Gift Creator 747,035 +45,143 +6.04
16. Poll 805,455 +36,275 +4.50
17. 麻將─GodGameMJ 神來也麻將 962,493 +28,156 +2.93
18. 點歌零距離 198,415 +26,215 +13.21
19. IQ Test 366,904 +24,108 +6.57
20. SCRABBLE 589,966 +22,948 +3.89

The Sims-lite game, My Town, rose to fourth place, but gained over 177,000 players this week compared to last week when it added 63,200 monthly active users.

Three Rings‘s tamogochi-for-vampires, Bite Me has been a consistent emerging title all December and added another 125,000 players this week for fifth. Other long-emerging titles includes sixth place’s carnival-building game 歡樂癲地 Funland and Warstorm at seventh.

SCRABBLE has seen a bit of a renaissance thanks to Facebook and an environment that has proven to be the perfect form for the game. Developed by Electronic Arts, this version of the classic has drifted on and off the emerging list.

Overall a pretty standard and uneventful week for the emerging lists. Five of the “games” on this list aren’t really games — FarmVille Gift Creator, Gift Creator (15th), Poll (16th), 點歌零距離 (“Zero Distance Song”, 18th) and IQ Test (19th) — they just show up here because their developers mark them as games in Facebook’s app directory and we use that designation in AppData. This is fewer than the 8 non-games that showed up on last week’s emerging list.

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