Farmville Blows Past 70 Million Monthly Users

Zynga’s most popular game, Farmville, doesn’t appear to be slowing in growth, recently surpassing 70 million monthly active users. Just two weeks Zynga announced that the company had surpassed 100 million monthly unique visitors, of which Farmville accounted for the majority of those users (approximately 66 percent according to our own statistics).

While numerous users have been complaining about the application experiencing widespread downtime over the past few days, the number of users visiting the application daily has also surged in recent weeks. With over 28.4 million daily users, Farmville is clearly in a league of its own. There is simply no other application that is comparable to Farmville.

The application is so popular that we’ve even received calls from users who are having issues with the game. In other words Farmville has become a global phenomenon, and Zynga, the developer behind Farmville, is basically larger than MySpace in terms of traffic and revenues at this point. That says a lot about the potential of the Facebook Platform.

That MySpace is trying to distance itself from the Facebook comparison makes a lot of sense since traffic continues to plummet along with revenues. MySpace is now working quickly to try to redefine themselves as recent reports suggest that the company has lost its coolness factor among younger users.

For Zynga, the future looks bright. While Facebook is preparing to roll out significant changes to the platform over the coming weeks, it will be difficult to knock Zynga from their dominant position.

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