FarmVille 2 once again on top of this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

Zynga’s FarmVille 2 is still dominating the social game scene, taking the No. 1 spot on this week’s fastest growing Facebook games by monthly active users with a 24 percent gain of 11.4 million MAU.

EA’s JetSet Secrets is starting to take off, snagging the No. 2 position with 480,000 MAU for a 141 percent gain. Zynga’s Ruby Blast — which was released early in the summer — came in at No. 3 with 400,000 MAU for an 11 percent increase. CityVille reappears on our list at No. 4 with 400,000 MAU for an 11 percent gain. Finally, CookApps’ Diggle is up by 380,000 MAU, a 46 percent swell.

This week’s gains saw relatively small traffic percentage gains, with only four titles growing more than 30 percent. RockYou’s The Walking Dead Social Game continues to benefit from its source TV series being back on the air; the game’s up by 290,000 MAU for a 32 percent gain. Ooblada’s Bubble Bunny took in 220,000 MAU for a 38 percent gain. ArcadeMonk’s Bubble Pirates saw a 30 percent gain with 170,000 MAU. Last amont these gainers was Angry Birds Space clone Angry Space Birds was up by 150,000 MAU for a 58 percent increase, but that title’s rise to prominence means it probably won’t be long before it’s removed from Facebook.

1. FarmVille 258,400,000+11,400,000+ 24%
2. JetSet Secrets820,000+480,000+ 141%
3. Ruby Blast4,200,000+400,000+ 11%
4. CityVille16,600,000+400,000+ 2%
5. Diggle1,200,000+380,000+ 46%
6. Lost Jewels3,400,000+300,000+ 10%
7. Family Farm1,500,000+300,000+ 25%
8. The Walking Dead Social Game1,200,000+290,000+ 32%
9. Bubble Bunny830,000+230,000+ 38%
10. Grand Poker1,100,000+220,000+ 25%
11. Dragon City12,700,000+200,000+ 2%
12. Dungeon Rampage1,700,000+200,000+ 13%
13. Social Wars4,700,000+200,000+ 4%
14. Fashion Designer1,200,000+200,000+ 20%
15. Saif Almarifa1,500,000+200,000+ 15%
16. BINGO Blitz2,700,000+200,000+ 8%
17. Bubble Pirates740,000+170,000+ 30%
18. Angry Space Birds410,000+150,000+ 58%
19. KartWorld740,000+140,000+ 23%
20. Vector910,000+130,000+ 23%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users later today and top emerging apps on Friday.

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