Farmtown Overtakes Pet Society As Most Popular Facebook Game

Farmtown has been on a tear recently and as of today, the game has overtaken Pet Society as the largest application on the Facebook platform based on daily active users. The game doesn’t appear to be slowing down either. That’s probably because the game is as addictive as crack. Just one week ago I wrote about the game’s explosive growth over the past month and since I wrote about it, I can’t stop playing.

Marshall Kirkpatrick of Read/Write Web posted in the comments that the game practically stole his wife from him and I’m not surprised. Once you start building your farm, you want to keep on growing it. That’s why you started the game in the first place, right? Games on Facebook have become the most engaging of all applications. Just take a look at our application leaderboard.

Of the top ten applications on Facebook (based on daily active users), 6 are games, 3 are Facebook’s mobile applications (iPhone, Blackberry, and generic mobile site), and the other is Living Social. In other words, games rule when it comes to engagement on Facebook. While only two games make the top 10 applications when it comes to monthly active users, a large portion of those users are returning daily.

The end result is that the games are making more money as users keep coming back and typically stay for longer periods of time. For the time being those games are being monetized through offer-based networks, virtual currencies, and the sale of virtual goods. Farmtown is currently monetizing its application through two channels: advertisements and the sale of virtual currency.

That virtual currency, or “coins” as they’re called in Farmtown, can be used to purchase more items from the store. Store items range from seeds to grow more plants that you can eventually sell, animals, buildings, and many other items for your farm. It’s addicting process and one that any successful Facebook application developer needs to know.

While not all applications integrate a substantial amount of game theory, integrating components of games will help improve just about any application out there. It will be interesting to see if Farm Town can become one of the largest applications on Facebook in terms of monthly active users over the coming weeks. Have you become a Farm Town addict yet?