Farmers’ Markets Going High-Tech with Twitter

While you might think farmers’ markets and Twitter don’t make the most compatible of matches, the folks at MyTweetMark think differently. They’re pulling in members of the local food community within the US to their #farmersmarket hashtag conversation, and creating a sense of community that otherwise couldn’t exist offline.

Using #farmersmarket, MyTweetMark is trying to bring together over 130 farmers markets in the US, focusing on California. Twitter is proving to be the ideal tool for the task, as it organizes, connects, and markets local food producers.

Do a quick Twitter search for #farmersmarket and you’ll see an active, vibrant community talking about the local food market. is the central hub that those involved in farmers’ markets are encouraged to visit. It hosts pictures, a directory, and featured businesses. Through and Twitter, MyTweetMark is also offering a bi-monthly conference between local food producers to discuss the local and organic food trends in the US.

In addition to using Twitter extensively to connect farmers’ markets, MyTweetMark has created a daily Twitter paper to highlight the best stories about local food each day.

MyTweetMark reports that they have seen a 30-40% increase in Twitter use over the last few months of 2010, and that farmers’ markets in the US have grown by 16%.

While it’s not a conventional relationship, farmers’ markets and Twitter do seem to make a good pair. Farmers can organize an event through Twitter, reach out to the local population in order to market their goods, and stand in solidarity with one another to perpetuate the locally grown, organic food market in the US.