Farmers Are Turning To Facebook

Why have farmers become a growing segment of Facebook users?

A busy farmer’s life includes milking cows, plowing, gathering chicken eggs — and checking Facebook.

Why are agricultural growers now looking to the social networking site? “It’s an opportunity to reach out to to those who are in agriculture, to find out what they’re thinking, what issues are important to them,” farmer Steve Saufley told Virginia’s WHSV.

The grower says that Facebook helps him to keep current on industry practices and any regulatory changes that may affect him.

Since agriculture is the economic backbone in so many parts of this country and is an ever-changing industry, Saufley appreciates the fact that he can easily communicate with farmers everywhere. Facebook allows him to share thoughts and ideas with fellow farmers within an instant and he claims it also helps him to keep tabs on what they are doing.

“I think the time has come when people who are living in the cities and suburbs need to understand that farms produce more these days than just food,” Saufley says.

Saulkey credits Facebook for keeping him abreast of the latest technological strides in his community. Agriculture is bursting with new, innovative equipment and technology that is designed to make the traditional farmer’s job much easier, and yield much higher results and Saufley is grateful to Facebook, a kind of superhighway of this information for readlity providing him with a daily fix of it.

“It’s fiber, it’s clothing, it’s energy. There are so many things that we can do in agriculture that people need to know about,” says Saufley told WHSV.

Now, does Saufley play FarmVille on Facebook like other farmers do?