Farkle Pro’s Pay-to-Play Dice Rolling Sees Steady Growth

Farkle Pro is one of several versions of the traditional dice game that can be played on Facebook from Slotomania developer Playtika. It’s one of few social games that draws a clear line between paying players and free-to-play players with “VIP” gameplay options.

So far, the game has seen strong growth since its early April launch, breaking into last week’s list top 20 emerging Facebook games at number 8 with 296,000 monthly active users and just under 30,000 daily active users as of today. Overall, Playtika enjoys 2.4 million MAU and 582,000 DAU across Farkle Pro, Slotomania, and a Chinese language version of Slotomania.

Farkle Pro is a dice-based game of chance and mild gambling. Players roll six dice and then score them as they choose. Different combinations of dice — mostly groups of three of a kind, a straight run of 1-6 or a set of three different pairs — score various point values. Individual ones and fives also score points.

Once the player has chosen to score one or more dice, they can then re-roll the remaining dice in an attempt to improve their score for that round. There’s an element of risk, however; if no scoring combinations come up, that’s a “Farkle” and the player then forfeits both their score for the round as well as their turn if they’re playing a game against someone else.

Farkle Pro on Facebook can be played either solo or against other players for virtual stakes of the game’s currency — chips. Competition against other players requires the player to make use of the “VIP Club.” Every four hours, all players may access the VIP Club for free to  play against a live opponent. For a promotional rate of 50 Facebook Credits, players can officially join the VIP Club and play as many live opponents as they want without the four hour waiting period. Players can also upgrade to VIP Club Gold or Platinum services, allowing them to play with higher stakes of chips. All players can also purchase additional chips using Facebook Credits to help them get back in the game if they’ve had a run of bad luck.

Farkle Pro is a simultaneous-play game, so its social features include real-time chat with opponents during a game. Opponents are drawn from the entire Facebook community — players see their adversary’s profile picture and first name. The game also has a leaderboard feature, ranked by either the number of chips a player has, their total score for all their games, or their “player rating,” which is calculated by their wins versus losses total. Entries in this leaderboard can be clicked on to visit the players’ Facebook profiles.

We weren’t able to reach Farkle Pro developer Playtika for comment on future features for the game, and the team is tight-lipped about its plans on its official Facebook page. The team is keen to engage the community, however, offering rewards of chips for use in the game for answering prompt questions, discussing the game and sharing it with friends. Possible future expansion plans could include some sort of item on which to spend chips rather than just wagers; other gambling games sometimes allow players to customize the play space and dice, for example. Customization also allows gaming games an opportunity for some cross-promotion with other products, which Playtika could leverage with Slotomania.

You can follow Farkle Pro’s progress on AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.