Fark Drives 10 Times More Traffic Than Google+

Facebook may continue to dominate social traffic, but the 15-year-old Fark is among the up-and-comers.


It can be tricky to nail down what the top social networks are. Companies use different metrics, and the truth doesn’t always appear readily. So how big is Pinterest? What’s Twitter’s growth rate? And who are the social media upcomers? Some of these questions are answered in a data sheet from mobile publishing company Onswipe.

Pinterest may loom large in the mind of the public, but when it comes to driving traffic, it only represents 6.09 percent. Twitter drives a respectable 16.11 percent, and Reddit drives 1.63 percent. But Facebook is predictably on top, with 71.34 percent of all social traffic.


Twitter’s growth over time remains a sore spot for investors. From September 2012 to March 2013, it seemed unstoppable, jumping from less than 1 percent growth to nearly 5 percent. But ever since then it has been sliding, with a rate close to 1.5 percent as of January this year.

You would think that a social media upstart would be leading the pack of up-and-comers, but amazingly it’s the 15-year-old Fark.com. Fark is taking an increasing share of overall social share traffic, and is currently at 0.464 percent. BuzzFeed comes in at 0.288 percent, and Google+ comes limping in with a tiny 0.046 percent.

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