Farhi v. Kornheiser, Take #18413

Technically, it’s still August, so we feel slightly okay writing another post about the endless Tony Kornheiser debate.

There’s been some chatter on the Post’s internal critique board regarding the whole mess and it’s good:

From Gene Weingarten:

    I think after the first regular-season Monday Night Football game, every section should have its own review of Kornheiser’s performance. Even, like, Food and Health. It should be the cover story in Book World. Toles, too. The only section that shouldn’t cover Tony is Sports.

Peter Carlson:

    Now we know why Gene Weingarten, although he is a great American and a fabulous columnist, is not the editor of this newspaper.


    Peter, not recognizing satire is WILBON’s job.

Howard Schneider:

    I thought you already said that was Deb’s job. Please decide.


    Gene, not recognizing satire is WILBON’s job.


    Peter, not recognizing a satirical response to satire is WILBON’s job.