Farewell to Politico’s Hirschhorn

Today is Dan Hirschhorn’s last day at Politico. He’s moving to the Big Apple for a new job at Advertising Age and for other, more personal reasons.

Good luck to his dog, Penny. She made quite an impression. We trust she will be well there. We wish Hirschhorn all the best.

Read his heartfelt farewell in which he thanks VandeHarris and the gang, his editor, Charlie, and even “Mikey” for giving him a birthday shout-out…


Today is my last day at POLITICO. I have enjoyed every moment here. I absolutely love the energy of this place, and it’s been the greatest privilege of my young career to be surrounded by the best political reporters and editors on the planet, bar none. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what this amazing news organization has to offer a young journalist.

Alas, matters of the heart compel me to move to New York, where I have taken a reporting position at Advertising Age. It’s a whole new adventure.

I want to thank Jim, John, Kim, Bill and Danielle for giving me this great opportunity, Gregg Birnbaum for teaching me a new level of news metabolism, Isaac Dovere and Sara Libby for shepherding my transition back to reporter, and everyone in this newsroom who made me feel so welcome, starting with a Playbook birthday mention from Mikey even before I came on and going all the way through to my last day. I would especially like to thank Beth Frerking, Russ Walker and Charlie Mahtesian for bringing me on.

Charlie, in particular, I can truly never thank enough. He believed enough in a dinky little one-man political news website in Pennsylvania to bring me in and vouch for me. He gave me every opportunity I asked for, letting me jump at the chance to go back to my greatest love of reporting when the the opportunity arose. He’s the best editor a reporter can ask for, and my true regret is that I won’t get more time to learn from his tutelage.

Don’t be a stranger. I can be reached at danh215@gmail.com. Let me know if you’re ever in the Big Apple.

Thank you all again for everything.

Nothing but the best wishes,