Farewell to Hunter Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson.jpgTomorrow in Colorado iconic gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson will will have a final farewell as his earthly remains are blast from a cannon atop a 150-foot high gonzo-fist-and-dagger monument to scatter down over his Woody Creek, Colorado property. It’s hard to find the right appropriately serious tone after writing a sentence like that, which the author would probably have appreciated. Approximately 250 of Thompson’s friends will be in attendance at the invitation-only funeral, to remember Thompson in accordance with his wishes, according to his wife:

No crying, no tears, only celebration…a beautiful party. The most amazing people would be there. His friends would celebrate his life. And he was even specific that there would be clinking of ice and whiskey.

We have no doubt that around the world, the ice will be clinking in the raised glasses of Thompson’s many fans.

Hunter S. Thompson, 1937 – 2005.