Far More Educational Than A Trip to Contempo At the Mall

Right now, this writer is wearing ratty old jeans and his favorite hooded sweatshirt, so you wouldn’t be, what you’d call, very fashion concious. So maybe it’s because of that he just now found the Contemporary Fashion Archive, which, for all he knows, everyone is already well aware of it. But in the chance that you’re the sloven wreck he is, and some of you must be because you’re “creative” and that’s just a nice way of saying “sloven wreck,” you’ll probably find this very interesting. It’s an on-going compendium of people, groups, ideas, etc. having to do with the world of fashion design. Even if you aren’t in the industry, you’ll find it interesting to read all the bios, see what went where, when, and so on. It’s terrific, and forever growing. So hop to it, put on some clean socks for a change, and take a looksie.