Can You Get More Facebook Fans Than A Celebrity?

Whether it’s pickles, onion rings, sausages, or purple monsters, the latest Facebook meme attempts to drive more fans to Facebook Pages than to celebrity pages. While this tactic has been used for Facebook groups for some time, the volume of new Pages dedicated to arbitrary objects that have successfully attracted hundreds of thousands or a million fans has increased dramatically in the past couple days.

Two weeks ago, the creator of the page “Can this purple monster i made on paint get more fans than the president?” reached out to us about his Page. At the time, we thought little of it because to be honest, the purple monster wasn’t that appealing. However, the page has now attracted over 650,000 fans and once it surpasses 1 million, Hot Topic has agreed to sell a copy of the t-shirt in their stores.

While I’m not sure that the creator of this Page was the person who originated the meme, it’s clear that the trend has taken off. Now there are numerous groups which are attempting to do the same thing (some of which have already succeeded):

You can view all of the similar pages here. While we aren’t sure who the administrators of these various Pages are, there’s no doubt that this trend has gone viral. So far Facebook hasn’t prevented any of these Pages from posting updates but my guess is that after thousands of copycats begin popping up, many people will have their Pages disabled.

Are you a fan of any pickles, onions, purple monsters, or other random items?