Fanpop – Social Network for Fans

Fanpop is a social network where people create spots for something they have interest to. You can create a spot and then any fan can share a link with possibilities of voting. I think system is clear – yes, yes, something like Digg.


But actually there are many good things in this project. One is that it allows people with the same interests wide the horizon of view by help of other fan link submission and it means that you get a growing list of information what you are interested in. Second is the Digg thing – voting. The content management system by users – any Web 2.0 fan should say – great! Also me. I think it is the best way to highlight the most relevant information.

Each spot is a gateway to content around a specific area of interest. The network of spots is powered by communities of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about those interests rather than by computers or algorithms that can be gamed. And instead of doing a hunt and peck on a search engine where you have no idea about context (Is it a shopping site? Is it a blog?) or quality, the community organizes it for you. We believe that people who are enthusiastic about something want to share with their peers and communicate with like-minded individuals. Each spot is an organic and it’s success and usefulness is determined by the fans of that topic of interest.

I have registered there and I will write full review later, but for now it seams nice and useful project.

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