Fanhattan Builds Database of More Than One Million Streaming Video Titles

Struggling to find a good movie on Netflix or a new TV show on Hulu?

Fanhattan has created a database of over one million streaming video titles, tracking available movies and television shows across 29 streaming services. You can access this database on the web or use the service’s iOS app. Follow this link to get an invite to the service. Here’s more about the site:

We curate daily the hottest movies and trending TV shows so you know what’s happening in the entertainment world … if you log-in with Facebook, Fanhattan does the heavy lifting of processing your Facebook feed, and automatically creating a list of movies and shows your friends like … Starting today on both web and iOS, you can create, name and share Fanhattan lists of your all-time favorite buddy cop flickstear-jerkersroad trip moviesbest picture winners for the last 84 years – or go wherever your entertainment taste takes you.  Lists are the easiest way to share what you love with friends.  The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.