Fandango Paperless Mobile Movie Ticket Service Available in 8 Cities

Here’s an idea that sounds great. But, I wonder how well it will work in the real world:

Fandango Begins Rolling Out Mobile Tickets That Let Moviegoers Go Paperless (via TechCrunch)

Here’s how Fandango’s pre-paid movie ticket system worked the last time I used it back in January to go see Avatar 3D: I went online to Fandango and paid the ticket price plus a small fee for each ticket. Then, I printed out a sheet with my purchase information. We breezed past the theater ticket line, went into the theater but then had to go to a customer service desk and wait around to exchange my printed page for actual tickets to get the 3D glasses and get into the theater. The customer service desk only had one group in front of me but took a long time to get everything in order. It was a good overall experience but not great.

One of the eight cities this Fandango mobile ticket service is rolling out to is my hometown with two nearby theaters participating. So, I’m planning to test it out in the near future. I’m reasonably certain that the initial steps to getting a paperless mobile movie ticket will work fine. The question is what happens after I get to the movie theater and try to use it with whoever is taking tickets? Will it be a great, merely ok, or simply terrible experience?

Let me know how it works for you if you try Fandango’s mobile ticket program before me.