Fancred Updated with ‘Your Fancred’ to Organize Users’ Sports Lives

Your FancredSports-themed social media platform Fancred has been updated with a new “Your Fancred” functionality, which aims to provide users with an organized outlet for storing, sharing and reliving their sports memories in their fan profile. The Your Fancred portion of the app serves as a sort of digital scrapbook, which stores and organizes information according to the individual teams, sports and events players like most.

To begin using the feature, Fancred users sign in with email or Facebook and can build their profile by choosing their favorite teams and/or overall sports. The Your Fancred feature then organizes all of the user’s fan-related activity (photos, videos, conversations, articles and check-ins) into dedicated albums within their profile. Previously, this information was left unorganized, as a single stream on a user’s profile.

This new feature isn’t a replacement of the app’s original functionality, but is instead an enhancement to the current product. Users will still be able to access their Team Feeds for viewing sports content shared by others (including teams, brands and news sources), and can still interact with others to voice their opinions, as well as share in their triumphs and defeats.

“The sports industry is still in its infancy when it comes to fan engagement on mobile and social media,” said Hossein Kash Razzaghi, Fancred CEO, in a statement. “The release of ‘Your Fancred’ really sets the tone for our company direction with a completely differentiated product and vision.”

This update comes a few months after the release of the Fancred app on Android devices. The app is also available to download on iOS, or to access via a web client. The platform has increased its user base 10x over the past year, and Fancred itself is working with professional and collegiate sports teams (among other outlets) to give users access to exclusive content and information within the Fancred app.