Fancred 2 looks to become social media destination for sports fans

Image via Fancred

Talking sports on social networks can be a frustrating experience. From your ranting rage-post on Colin Kaepernick’s troubles reading defenses being pushed down by a picture of your cousin’s dog eating pancakes, to trying to explain the justification of picking up a penalty flag after it was already thrown on the last play of the game in just 140 characters, sports fans just don’t have an ideal outlet to type away their daily cheers and jeers.

That’s where Boston-based Fancred steps in, treating each team as a community onto themselves, and letting sports fans have their own place (with their own people) to vent.

And with 83-percent of sports fans now using social media while watching sports on TV, it’s an area for growth the company looks to jump in and capture.

This week marks the launch of Fancred 2, as the company has focused on optimizing the app for iOS 7 (including new search functionality) while providing sports fans their own social network to gloat over the power of David Ortiz’s clutch swings, or moan over the blind luck of Auburn’s stunning Hail Mary touchdown.

Image via Fancred

“Fancred’s mission is to unite the world’s sports fans,” says Hossein Kash Razzaghi, Fancred founder and CEO. “Sports by far is one of the leading content types being shared across social media, but what we’ve seen happen is that since these other platforms aren’t sports specific, there just isn’t that great experience for fans who really want to connect with one another to talk sports, share sports, and discover other fans.

“The whole idea behind Fancred is we want to build a social network where fans can connect, share, and discuss their passion for sports. We fundamentally believe that sports and teams are centered around communities, and through the love of these sports teams, there’s a unique bond there that’s shared between fans. What we’re trying to do is replicate in the digital world that experience you share in real life when you have thousands of people at a stadium cheering for the same team.”

Back in March, Fancred launched its first iPhone app, and have seen their user-base grow by over 700-percent as the company continues to focus on community building, with special points of interest being SEC football and Boston-area sports.

“What Fancred 2 represents essentially, is the extension of our platform,” says Razzaghi. “We not only have rebuilt our app optimized for iOS 7, but we’ve also extended out to our Web site so can be used as a platform for users to share. We’re really excited for this extension of our platform to our fan base, especially as we continue to see this fan base grow week-to-week and month-to-month.

“What we’re seeing is some sports fans are really active during the game and they want to comment play-by-play, while other sports fans are really interested in everything leading up to the game with all the trash talk and analysis. Other fans want to use Fancred after the game to see what fans are saying. So what’s been really interesting for us to see is that our traffic does spike while games are going on with fans using Fancred as their second-screen experience, but what’s really great about building communities is people check Fancred throughout the entire day. The second highest peak of the day is between 6am and 10am. This is when people are just waking up and they want to see what people are saying about the game the night before, then they just snack on those words all day. That’s what’s been really gratifying to see. You cannot only use Fancred during the game, you can use Fancred whenever you want. People use sports as a way to have fun, as their passion, as a way to get their mind off things, and they can use Fancred as that tool to celebrate sports however they wish to use it. We’re really excited by the communities that we’re starting to build.”