FanChecker Launches An Ad Network For Facebook Pages

-FanChecker Logo-While most people don’t the “problem” of thousands of daily page views to their Facebook Pages, many large page administrators have an untapped monetization opportunity which is where FanChecker comes in. FanChecker is a new service which lets Page administrators get paid for advertisements placed on their Facebook Page. The service dynamically loads keyword based products that page administrators get paid for once a user makes a purchase.

In essence it’s an extremely basic CPA (cost per action) advertising model. While the company is claiming that the “earnings per click is up to $0.30”, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll generate returns that high. It’s a great service in theory but unfortunately most people don’t have enough traffic to justify installation of the service. With close to 11,000 fans on our Facebook Page, we are able to generate close to 1,000 page views per day.

Even with that level of traffic, trying to convert visitors to our page into direct purchases from Amazon will prove to be challenging. There have been previous attempts at monetizing Facebook profiles in a similar way. When the Facebook platform first launched over two years ago, a number of services made applications to let you monetize your Facebook profile through affiliate sales.

Facebook has recently adjusted their terms however to prevent these forms of advertisements. As far as I can tell, this new ad network doesn’t violate Facebook’s terms, although there were previously terms suggesting that no ads can be placed on Pages. There’s a fine distinction between advertisements for other products and services and advertisements for your company’s products or services within your Facebook Page.

For Facebook, making that distinction will prove to be extremely difficult which makes me think, FanChecker will be allowed to continue on Facebook for the time being. While I’m not convinced that FanChecker will make you rich from placing advertisements on your Facebook Page, it’s most definitely a clever idea that’s worth checking out.

I’ve reached out to Facebook to find out if this is a violation of their terms. Will update the post when I hear back.