Fan Appz expands social CRM functionality, offers more insights about brand audience

Social marketing software company Fan Appz today launches a version of its platform with an emphasis on helping businesses understand the audience that engages with their apps and putting those insights to use in other channels.

The Personalized Marketing Platform builds upon the social CRM functionality that Fan Appz introduced earlier this year and offers new ways to view and analyze consumer segments. Fan Appz has also created new ways to bring first-party data to its platform as well as apply social data to email marketing, advertising and other sales efforts.

Fan Appz VP of Marketing Krista Thomas says the company’s goal is to help businesses use social data to improve all marketing and understand fans at an individual level. By doing this, Fan Appz can help brands convert fans into customers and “turn good customers into great ones.”

It starts with “social experience apps.” These are the page tab, web and mobile apps that Fan Appz got its start helping marketers build. The company continues to build out features and improve the creation and customization flow for these. For instance, today Fan Appz released an Open Graph-enabled prediction and trivia game app, a new refer-a-friend feature and additional integration for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

When fans interact with a brand through these apps, the information they’ve authorized to share gets collected and organized in Fan Appz’ system — now built on the SAP HANA platform for speed and scalability. Thomas says this is one of the distinguishing factors of the Consumer Marketing Hub.

The product then allows marketers to sort through the social graph data, behavioral data and direct inputs provided by users, for example, product preferences entered into a ranking app or answers to a poll question. Businesses can also add in purchase data or other information from an existing CRM. They can view and export audience segments to run an email marketing campaign or Sponsored Stories using custom audience targeting.

As we talked about with CEO Jon Siegal when the company launched its Social Database, Fan Appz is looking to serve businesses during the next step of social marketing. If 2009 and 2010 were about establishing a presence on Facebook and building a following, and 2011 and 2012 were focused on the abstract goal of “engagement,” then Siegal sees the next phase being when businesses learn how to truly use social to drive sales. With social CRM solutions like what Fan Appz and others are starting to build, brands are going to be able to personalize messages at scale, making marketing more effective and improving the overall customer experience.