Fan Appz Launches Facebook Page Management Service Aimed at Smaller Businesses

Small businesses have begun seeing how Pages, performance advertising and other components of Facebook can build their businesses. The results appear promising so far, prompting Fan Appz to launch a new service this week for these companies.

About 1.5 million of Facebook’s 3 million fan Pages belong to local (typically small) businesses, according to Facebook’s statistics. Industry sources have also told us that small and local business advertising makes up a good portion of those using Facebook’s performance advertising system.

Fan Appz is one of a number of companies that provide services for Page owners. The company’s do-it-yourself application allows users to create activities for their fans that revolve around a specific brand. Since the company’s launch last fall, it has provided both a free version and an agency/enterprise version for larger companies, such as the NBA and NASCAR, and this week it added a third service to this list for smaller businesses, Fan Appz Professional.

The free version of Fan Appz is an application allowing Facebook users to create Page-specific top 5s, polls and quizzes, although Siegal points out that these feature ads. Fan Appz has also provided an agency/enterprise version to larger clients, such as the NBA, that includes additional features like a virtual gift store, fan merchandise store or the ability to run a sweepstakes with the app.

Siegal tells us that Fan Appz’s newest service, Fan Appz Professional, is intended to meet the needs of small and medium businesses incorporating elements of the free and agency/enterprise versions to help these businesses utilize Facebook to better engage their fans. Professional costs $50 a month and includes ad-free elements of the free version — top 5s, polls and quizzes — while augmenting the service with the ability to create customized coupons, coupon codes and other promotions.

Fan Appz Professional may be an alternative to official Facebook promotions, as Siegal tells us. “There are a lot of things you can do that don’t come with the baggage,” he says. “Our sweetpstakes format and our rules, we’ve taken to Facebook and had them approved.”

The free version of Fan Appz currently has more than 160,000 users, according to AppData, our independent service for tracking Facebook application traffic. Siegal says the service is used all over the world in a variety of languages.

He adds that Fan Appz Professional is designed to help small and medium businesses take advantage of Facebook’s marketing potential without having to launch an official sweepstakes or promotion, which requires spending at least $10,000 in advertising with the company.

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