Fan Appz Launches Places Integration for Paid Subscribers

Fan Appz is launching a new Places integration for its paid clients today, that founder and chief executive Jon Siegal tells us that it will allow brands one more opportunity to reward loyal Facebook fans in addition to the company’s current software offerings.

Previously, Page administrators could create promotions specifically for Facebook fans, or make these promotions available to fans who took a particular action on Facebook. With the new Places integration, Page admins using Fan Appz can create discounts or rewards specifically for people who check in via Facebook Places.

Fan Appz’s integration also allows brands to build Places rewards in different ways, requiring fans to check-in a minimum number of times before unlocking a discount, for example.

Siegal tells us Fan Appz’s Places integration is designed around the idea that brands want to reward their most loyal Facebook fans, who often tend to be their best real-life customers. This is Fan Appz’s first Places integration, but Siegal tells us it won’t likely be the last because the company has others plans for Places integration, but also hopes to evolve with Facebook’s changes to the platform.

If you recall, Fan Appz offers white label applications for a variety of brands, allowing them to create activities around these brands, including quizzes, polls, coupons and Top 5 lists and has a reach of 100 million Facebook and Twitter users. Siegal tells us the company currently works with the NBA, NFL, NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting, in addition to tens of thousands of small and medium businesses.

Fan Appz offers several versions of its software — clients of the agency/enterprise version for big brands and professional version aimed at small/medium businesses will be able to utilize the new Places integration, whereas the users of the free version will not. When we profiled Fan Appz earlier this summer, we noted that the company’s roadmap aimed to help brands connect to customers wherever they were, in this case, that includes Places.

One example of how Fan Appz’s Places integration works can be found on the Page of the Santa Clara, Calif. Westfield Valley Fair mall. On the Promotions tab are two promotions enabled by Fan Appz: one for a 15% off coupon at Betsy Johnson for those who check-in via Places and another for free Jonas Brothers tickets.