Famously Endorsed…


If you followed Patrick Gavin’s “Hottest Media Types” in the past, you know that our good pals at FamousDC have been known to officially endorse candidates of FishbowlDC’s contests… this year is no different.

FamousDC endorses:

Most Ambitious: ABC’s Jake Tapper

“You don’t stumble into the ABC News White House spot from the Washington City Paper. Jake Tapper breaks the news that rattles blackberries across the beltway; his FamousDC shout-out on Twitter didn’t hurt either.”

Most Likely to Join the Administration: The Atlantic’s Chris Bodenner

“You can’t hang around Andrew Sullivan that much and not drink the Obama Kool-Aid. Mr. Bodenner also owns a honor for shutting down the FDC server for almost an hour.”

Most Competitive: WaPo’s Chris Cillizza

“How could you describe Chris? Imagine Bob Dylan mixed with Jay-Z and a ton of RedBull sitting next to a computer under a Charlie Cook inspired Congressional district map.

When a story breaks in Washington, wait ten minutes and you’ll get 300 words from The Fix that describes every possible angle.”

Check out FamousDC to find out why our always-opinionated friends endorsed Ana Marie Cox, Jeff Dufour, Clinton Yates, Angie Goff, Tim Burger & Kiki Ryan, John Stanton, Shira Toeplitz and Liz Glover.