FamousDC Reinvents Itself

At the start of the month FamousDC, the popular social scene blog, relaunched with an all new website and its first full-time editor Morgan Gress. Co-founders Josh Shultz and Amos Snead said in a release they redesigned the site because it “looked dated” and that they’re “damn proud” of the changes.

Snead told FishbowlDC that when they launched the site on Thursday, they were slightly nervous something might go wrong. He said, however, feedback has been positive. “It looks like our readers like the refresh,” he said.

Let’s take a look.

The site still functions like a vertical blog but the “Hot Topic”-esque black theme is gone, replaced with more whites, greys and light shades of red. Fonts are larger.

Popular features on the site, such as the “weekend picks” and infographics have been tweaked for the better and the site was redesigned with the intent of making them easier to find, Snead said. The Weekend Picks, formerly just an updated list of bars and events readers might check out, now comes with a Google map that pinpoints where each is located.

There is a downside to the site’s redesign… The navigation bar and banner at the top needlessly consume half the space on the home page, making it sometimes difficult to see a headline and link to a post all at once.. As users scroll down, the bar and banner move with the page. When users click into individual areas of the site, however, the bar and banner stay put at the top.

Other than that, we’re into FamousDC‘s new look.

As for new projects, Snead said there will be a couple FamousDC events at the end of September. He also said they’re planning a new feature that will be more interactive and will “specifically deal with Twitter.” He was hush-hush on further details for now.