Family Tree 2.0: Dynastree

Have trouble keeping track of your family? Dynastree allows you to create a family tree and connect with family members for free. You can set up a profile (to allow other family to search for you on the site), add photos of you and your family, and research your genealogy.The profile function allows you to add certain information about yourself, add pictures, and connect to other family members. Also, from here you can create your family tree. Once you have added your information, it gives you certain statistics such as “relatives from marriage”. also offers information regarding genealogy and gives other resources and websites to visit for additional information. It talks about the “six degrees of separation” and the website seems to be on a mission to prove this true.
Finally, it offers an option to purchase your own family tree, either for yourself or as a gift to a family member. It makes it available in a large poster size so you are able to view all the specifics on each member of the family.

This website serves a purpose for those truly interested in keeping track of their family history. Since it is free, this would be a good project for children to learn all about their family. Overall, it is another user friendly site with a unique concept.

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