‘Family Radio’ Doomsday Cult Coming To Los Angeles

Has anyone else noticed the billboards all over town that promise the end of the world is coming on May 21st? We’ve seen two already: one in Glendale and the other on Alvarado near Sunset. Well, we just got the scoop on what’s going on. As it turns out, Jesus is coming back to slaughter the disbelievers. And he’s coming soon. How do we know? We heard it on the radio. “Family Radio” to be exact–an Oakland-based doomsday Christian cult run by 89-year-old Harold Camping that somehow has the cash to operate on 36 stations in California alone, including KFRN 1280 in Long Beach.

Aside from their radio enterprise and taking out billboards, a group of 10 Family Radio cultists is currently traveling around the country, spreading the “good news” in person. Their caravan will be coming to Los Angeles this coming Monday to tell us about the giant earthquake that’s going to kill the righteous and send them to heaven, while the rest will be stuck on Earth in the bloody aftermath for 153 days of ‘death and horror.’

Can’t wait!

We’re sure the news of the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan will only fuel their fire.