Familiar Names Fill This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

It’s a Windows Live Messenger week yet again, with the messaging utility coming in as the top non-game title on our AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps for the second week in a row.

Before getting started on the list below, note that Facebook has updated its formula for calculating active app users to remove those users who only interacted with an app through a like or stream comment. Some apps may appear to lose large numbers of users from the change, although mainly in the mobile category.

Here’s the top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder824,870+438,684+114%
2.Original Windows Live Messenger4,440,375+291,977+7%
3.Original FarmVille17,611,581+274,271+2%
4.Original Frases Diarias531,177+241,089+83%
5.Original Entrevista tus Amigos1,806,748+201,108+13%
6.Original Millionaire City1,294,695+169,201+15%
7.Original Nightclub City1,255,333+144,507+13%
8.App_2_256799621935_1837 Car Town793,697+103,130+15%
9.Original Pet Society2,490,160+86,598+4%
10.Original HTC Sense2,315,963+71,590+3%
11.Original Kingdoms of Camelot773,238+69,188+10%
12.Original Ninja Saga882,690+68,624+8%
13.Original 開心 Lounge Bar319,743+68,225+27%
14.Original Bubble Island847,314+67,868+9%
15.Original Mall World879,190+63,192+8%
16.Original The Hotlist76,935+62,691+440%
17.Original BandPage by RootMusic151,482+49,102+48%
18.App_2_72687635881_8108 Samsung Mobile555,998+46,834+9%
19.Original Backyard Monsters224,983+45,888+26%
20.Original @Smiles773,927+44,063+6%

Ranking over even Messenger is City of Wonder, the newest Playdom game. This is the closest thing that Facebook has gotten to the time-honored Civilization series so far, so if you’re a fan, give it a try. We cover the other games, as always, over at Inside Social Games.

As for Windows Live Messenger, we’ve discussed the reasons for this app’s growth before. In brief, it’s a study in close integration of an existing, successful product with Facebook; it’s unlikely that Windows is gaining many new users here, but existing devotees of Messenger are certainly interacting with Facebook through the app quite a bit.

The remaining non-game apps are mostly long-time growers that have been coming up for months. Notably, the top two — Frases Diarias and Entrevista tus Amigos — are both Spanish-language, respectively a phrase-of-the-day app and a friend quiz.

As it happens, both appear to be losing monthly active users, while DAU is climbing somewhat. This may mean that these two apps are affected by Facebook’s tweaking of its formula, as mentioned above. HTC Sense, a mobile app, was definitely affected in its MAU stats, although its DAU has risen throughout the changes.

Dropping down to number 16, The Hotlist is an app we haven’t seen come up before. Based on a website, the Hotlist crawls your social networks to find events and places that your friends intend to be, and even gives a male to female ratio for its locations. Keep an eye out for our closer look at the Hotlist later.