Fallout Over ABC News’ Iran Covert Action Report

iran_next_052307.jpgIt’s not just D.C. Madams slamming ABC News: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney condemned a lightning rod report by ABC News investigative wunderkind Brian Ross about President Bush’s authorization of covert action against Iran.


“I was shocked to see the ABC News report regarding covert action in Iran. The reporting has the potential of jeopardizing our national security. To put it quite plainly, it has the potential of affecting human life, we may never know.”

ABC News’ response:

“In the six days since we first contacted the CIA and the White House, at no time did they indicate that broadcasting this report would jeopardize lives or operations on the ground. ABC News management gave them the repeated opportunity to make whatever objection they wanted to regarding our report. They chose not to.”

The story, by the way, has drawn over 1,500 comments.


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