Falcon Social Partners With DataSift for Facebook Topic Data

DataSift’s list of partners for Facebook topic data continues to expand, with social media management platform Falcon Social representing the latest addition.

DataSift’s list of partners for Facebook topic data continues to expand, with social media management platform Falcon Social representing the latest addition.

The Facebook Marketing Partner will enable its clients to gain access to topic data, which launched in March, allowing them to drill down into data of what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities, completely anonymized.

Falcon Social founder and CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen said in a release announcing the partnership:

We’ve always aimed to give our customers the best features that add the most value to their marketing efforts, and this partnership with DataSift really elevates the possibilities. It offers actionable insights into real behavior, sourced from the world’s largest social community. I think this will be a major game-changer for a lot of our customers and will enable them to channel their resources a lot more effectively.

DataSift chief product officer Tim Barker added:

At DataSift, we believe organizations should be able to derive actionable intelligence from the enormous amount of unstructured, human-generated data to drive more informed business decision-making. We are thrilled to partner with Falcon Social on Facebook topic data and provide end users with actionable insights, all with our privacy-first approach.