Twitter API Limit Death Watch: Falcon Pro

Have you been following our Twitter API Limit Death Watch coverage here on AllTwitter?

Unfortunately, we’ve got another Twitter client to add to the list: Falcon Pro, a very popular Android Twitter app.

Quick recap on the Twitter API issue: back in August, Twitter decided that third party clients that replicate its core features (like the home timeline, direct messages, etc.) aren’t doing anything for Twitter’s own bottom line. They decided to set a 100,000 limit for the number of tokens (individual users) that can be allotted to third party apps.

So far, Twitter clients including Birdsong and Tweetro have been forced to bite the dust due to these restrictions.

And now Falcon Pro has joined the list.

Right now, new users cannot log into Twitter via Falcon Pro. That includes those who have already paid for the app and are reinstalling for a new device or ROM!

The worst part? As Droid Life reports, of the 100K Falcon Pro tokens, only 40K are active installs, which means that a great deal of the max user count is being eaten up by people who who pirated the app; bought it and returned it within Google Play’s 15-minute refund window; or installed it, took a token, and then never opened it again.

A few things you can do if you’re a Falcon Pro supporter:

1. Sign this petition to extend Falcon Pro’s token limit.

2. If you aren’t using Falcon Pro, give up your token. Just head to, select Settings>Apps, find Falcon Pro and “Revoke Access” to the app.

3. According to Android Police, the separate Falcon widget uses a different set of tokens, and appears to be operational.

That’s it for now. We’ll keep you updated.

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