Fake Apple Stores Are a Trend Now

The fake Apple Store in Kunming.

Literally hundreds of stories around the world have been written about the fake Apple store in Kunming China that has gone above and beyond to look the part.

The Kunming shop looks exactly like the real thing on first glance. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the store says “Apple Store” on the outside rather than just featuring the logo and employee name tags are a little off.

One employee told The Wall Street Journal, “I just care that what I sell every day are authentic Apple products, and that our customers don’t come back to me to complain about the quality of the products.”

The New York Times says there are a number of these stores around the world. Of course, this speaks to the strength of the Apple brand; people love Apple gadgets, love the brand, and companies would like to get a share of that love.

But for the Apple brand, it poses a problem. A fake might not have the entire inventory, might not offer the same level of customer service or experience, and a confused customer could think that Apple is really slipping. Moreover, they can tell their friends about that. (Not to mention any lost revenue that this could be causing.)

An Apple spokesperson did not give the Journal a comment, but you can bet the marketing folks are hard at work on a plan to stop the copycats.

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