Fairytale: Restore Magical Tales via Match-Three Play on Facebook

Fairytale on Facebook-1

What would have happened if Cinderella never met her Prince? That’s the premise behind PlayFlock’s Fairytale on Facebook. The game takes players to a fantasy land, where traditional fairytales have been turned on their heads and the heroes didn’t win. In Fairytale, players will need to defeat the Wicked Witch through match-three levels, and they have a few magical abilities of their own to help them.

In each level of Fairytale, players have a limited number of moves to complete a specific goal, like earning a large number of points or removing stone tiles by making matches on top of them. Making matches of four-or-more like-colored gems creates special gems on the board, like those capable of clearing whole rows or columns of gems in a single move.

In cases where those moves aren’t enough, users can purchase their own magical abilities. One may allow them to remove a single gem of their choosing, while another shuffles all of the gems on the board. Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score, so users can utilize these power-ups to increase their score to the next star level. A few are given away for free, but after, players can purchase them with coins (real money).

Levels become more complex over time, with more points to earn or squares to remove before achieving their goals. Additional level types are also introduced, like those that ask players to move trapped animals to the bottom of the board in order to collect them.

Fairytale is available to play for free on Facebook.