Faiola Becomes Post’s Next Global Economics Reporter

From the Washington Post’s internal announcement, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    We are delighted to announce that Anthony Faiola will be our next global economics reporter. He will chronicle the tremendous impact that increasingly global markets, outsourcing and the free trade policies pushed by the U.S. are having on the economic well being of people throughout the world. Tony brings to this coverage a sharp eye for telling details, a talent for storytelling and a first hand knowledge of globalization. During his time in Latin America and Asia, he wrote about hungry, desperate mobs descending on an overturned cattle truck in an economically devastated Argentina, Brazilian elite resorting to helicopters to avoid urban violence, and the dramatic response of the Japanese to soaring global energy prices.

    Tony began his career at the Post in 1994, when he joined the Financial staff. He then spent more than five years as the bureau chief based in Buenos Aires, before becoming the Northeast Asia bureau chief, based in Tokyo and then the New York bureau chief. Before coming to the Post, he worked as a financial writer and government reporter at The Miami Herald. Tony will move to Washington and start his new beat later this fall.