FAFSA Cracked An Awful Twitter Joke About Financial Aid Applicants Being Broke

This is not a joking matter.

Nobody told FAFSA they had to be funny. All they have to do is encourage college students to apply for financial aid, make sure they get information into the right hands and generally be nice to stressed out parents and co-eds who are confused and overwhelmed. But no. FAFSA got on the Twitters to make a joke and got their asses handed to them because they are FAFSA and not Dave Chappelle.


More than the fact that the joke is in poor taste, it’s completely tone deaf. The country is on the cusp of a real problem with student debt. So much so that the New York Times Magazine ran a photo essay last Sunday with the faces of some very sad twenty-somethings talking about the tens of thousands they owe and how they can’t move out of their parents’ homes as a result. Now’s not the time to make light of whether people can afford to pay for college tuition because so many people have found, perhaps too late, that they can’t.

Of course, FAFSA has apologized.

But more importantly is the lesson here to us all not to make a joke out of something that’s not funny. Do not use the power of Bridesmaids for evil purposes.