FaceTime Far Behind, But Skype is Looking Over its Shoulders: No More Charges for Calling Over 3G

Apple’s FaceTime video calling service is no threat to Skype. At least, not yet. FaceTime is limited to iPhone4-to-iPhone4 communication and is WiFi only. However, that could change soon. And, Apple has a way of taking existing product concepts and making it their own. MP3 players languished until the iPod came along. Microsoft’s Tablet PC and UMPC went nowhere but the iPad took off. Skype is a successful product. But, they’ve been taking odd turns recently and limiting their own service. Skype for Android is only available on Verizon Wireless Android Phones. The fully functional Windows Mobile Skype app was yanked. And, the iPhone Skype app was crippled. Skype appears to be preparing for combat with FaceTime now, however. First bit of evidence?
iPhone update: now supports multitasking, no additional charges for calling over 3G
As I’ve often said here: Competition is good for consumers.