Facemoods: A Growing Facebook Chat Client

Facemoods, an Israeli startup that offers emoticon and animation add-ons to Facebook chat, may now serve as a Facebook Chat client. This means users don’t need be signed onto the Facebook site to chat with Facebook friends upon installing the Facemoods browser add-on for Firefox. The service is also compatible with chat for Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Windows Live.

We wrote about Facemoods in August when it had 4.4 million Likes on its Page and 1.5 million weekly active users. At the time the company saw most of its users between the ages of 13 to 34 divided up between the U.S., UK and Western Europe. Now the company’s Page counts more than 9.7 million fans, there are more than 11 million users and these users are now spread across the globe, showing growth in Asia and South America. The company is also profitable.

Installing the browser add-on is simple and fast. Once installed, you can pop-out the Facemoods chat client, close your browser and chat using Facemoods’ animations. If you are not signed into Facebook, you can sign in from the pop-out window. Users can add sound icons, miniature animated movies, animated emoticons, animated and colored text, as well as animations of pop icons like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to their conversations.

One drawback is that unless you’re chatting with people who also have Facemoods, they won’t be able to see the animations. This could be a boon to the app, though, as it may prompt users to get their friends to install it.

Since Facemoods reduces the need for people to visit Facebook as often since they don’t need to go there to chat with friends, the app could put a small dent in Facebook’s time-on-site and return visits.