Facebotonline.com: Don't Use It

While browsing through YouTube last night, I came across a couple of videos about an application being offered at Facebotonline.com. The goal of the application is to automate all of your Facebook activities. As I previously discussed, Facebook can be effectively used as a marketing tool. I personally have used Facebook to market my blog and other applications with resounding success. The only thing though is that you cannot spam Facebook. They will quickly give you a temporary ban and if you continue to spam they will block you completely. Facebotonline.com claims that they can do the following:

  • Add hundreds to even thousands of Facebook friends!
  • Broadcast Event Invitations to all of your friends in your network!
  • Send messages to any Facebook user!
  • Send a note to all your friends at once!
  • Use Facebot with MULTIPLE Facebook accounts! (I guess they want you to become the super spammer)
  • Automatically save and store each of your Facebook account’s messages, comments and bulletins! (Doesn’t Facebook already do this?)
  • Post a comment to all your friends walls at once.
  • Import and export friend ID’s to work with over and over! (Why do I want to import and export my friend’s IDs?!?)

The bottom line is this: if you are looking to perform effective Facebook marketing, Facebotonline.com is not the way to go about it. I can guarantee you that trying to use the application as a tool for marketing will have you banned by Facebook in no time. If you are looking for real Facebook marketing advice, give me a call or shoot me an email and I’ll help you out. You can learn enough about Facebook by reading through the almost 300 posts on this site. You don’t need an application to go do your work for you automatically. There are ways to go about generating buzz on the site but I’ll refrain from covering that in this post.