What's The Deal With Timeline On Facebook Profiles?

Now that the rollout of timeline for pages is complete, what's the status of the migration of profiles to timeline?

Now that the rollout of timeline for pages is complete, what’s the status of the migration of profiles to the advanced layout?

Based on what we’ve seen from both Facebook friends and comments on our posts, the rollout of timeline on profiles appears to be occurring gradually, with no discernible pattern.

Facebook would only say:

We don’t have a time frame to share on when everyone will have timeline, but we’ll keep you posted.

Could Facebook be keeping the rollout slow in order to monitor how its users are adapting to timeline? Or is the social network waiting until after its initial public offering to make a decision one way or the other?

It would be a huge upset if the social network decided to abandon the upgrade to timeline for users, but the slow pace has aroused our curiosity, especially when compared with the haste with which timeline for pages was rolled out. On the other hand, this layout originally debuted as a profile phenomenon, and this is the first time that Facebook switched the order of redesigning from profiles first to pages first.

We posed this question on our Facebook page: Do you think Facebook should leave it up to individuals to decide whether to put timeline on their personal profiles? The overwhelming majority of commenters favored a choice between timeline and the old profile — which is still the current version for a majority of users — but we see how that would create logistical headaches for Facebook, making it an unlikely outcome.

So, we’d like to know the state of things, readers: What proportion of the profiles that you see have timeline on them? How many of them are initiated by the users, and how many begin after prompting by Facebook?

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