Facebook’s Schnitt on Privacy-Policy Changes

FacebookLogo.jpgFacebook’s new privacy policy has created quite the stir, so the social-networking site’s director of corporate communications and public policy, Barry Schnitt, spoke with ReadWriteWeb to attempt to clarify matters.

Highlights from Schnitt’s conversation with ReadWriteWeb:

Facebook is changing, and so is the world changing, and we are going to innovate to meet user requests.

People didn’t interact with it and they asked for a recommendation. 85% of people agreed with our recommendations before.

In 2007, when on Facebook, you did not have any options but to share just with friends. We added more options as the world has changed. I don’t think there were people then asking for public sharing, but people asked us to share more broadly.

Tens of millions of people have joined Twitter. That’s wide open. So is MySpace.

By making the world more open and connected, we’re expanding understanding between people and making the world a more empathetic place. And we know that when users find their friends, are found by their friends and learn more about the world around them, they find more value on the site. From a business perspective, if users are finding more value from the site, they will come back more and engage in more activity. And you can imagine the business consequences of that.