Facebook’s ‘Relationships Guy’ Would Like a Word with Your Clients


You may have heard that Facebook‘s undergoing yet another series of tweaks to its news feed and advertising services, the most significant of which will be a new “what’s trending” feature that could theoretically place more of your content in front of targeted users’ eyes. We just hope it’s better than the company’s hashtag #fail.

On a more “on the ground level” level, Reuters reports that Dan Rose, vice president of partnerships for the Blue Dude Group, is on the lookout for brands and celebrities to form partnerships like the one that allowed Beyoncé to surprise everyone by announcing her new album release on Instagram.

Rose “maintains a low profile” to help convince high-profile folks to stay loyal to Facebook with their promo campaigns; the goal is to turn the network from a place where you go to hear from your friends to a place where you go to hear from people and media outlets who just happen to have access to the right megaphones. Last year he held a party for reps of big-name celebs like “Madonna, rapper Pitbull and actor Channing Tatum.”

Pardon us while we make a skeptical face.

Given the fact that (almost) every user everywhere finds sponsored posts and “your friend likes this brand so you should too” posts annoying, we’re not sure how the reconfiguration will fare better.

Beyoncé’s stunt was obviously quite successful, and we can see how TV premier tie-ins would heighten awareness, though it’s still not clear exactly how this proposed project differs from sponsored stories. And let’s be honest here: will a million people download Madonna’s next album in a week?