Facebook's PR Becomes More Aggressive

Earlier this week buzz started spreading immediately that Facebook was making it extremely difficult for users to delete their accounts. Within 24 hours there was an immediate turnaround in their policy and Facebook made it possible for users to delete their account. It appears with more cash in hand, Facebook has expanded their PR force and are now tackling issues as they arise. Even minor statements in our blog have received attention from Facebook PR whereas previously there was no response.

It shows that Facebook is indeed growing up now that their rich uncle (Microsoft) has provided them with some cash to build the company with. Google has been well known for being extremely aggressive with their public relations enlisting the help of multiple agencies to ensure that all negative media is immediately cleaned up. Facebook has an even greater risk of privacy debacles and as such it is in their company’s best interest to invest heavily in public relations.

Over the next twelve months I would look for the increase in Facebook PR to continue as the company launches their online payment system and Beacon becomes a more significant advertising source for them. I’m glad to see Facebook taking proactive measures to prevent against future mishaps. It’s a sign of a maturing company.